Grand Hunting Retriever Champions!!!

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Hunt Test Results

Hunt testing with the HRC culminates to one goal – earning the title of Grand Hunting Retriever Champion. Only after an incredible amount of training and years of testing is a dog prepared for the opportunity to enter into the HRC International Grand. This year Dan was afforded the pleasure of running 10 dogs:

Ash Ihrke
Barkley Craig
Bo Kelsey
Blaze Anderson
Gauge Stefani
Mak Benson
Rocco Costa
Rouxster Dyer
Rudy Manning
Smitty Troop

Also, trained with the help of Gun Dog Success and ran by their owner, Debbie:

Cob Smith
Tabu Smith

Congratulation is due to all dogs on their ability to compete!

A special congratulations goes to (left to right as pictured)
Rouxster Therese Shockey-Dye for his 3rd grand pass!
Tabu Smith for her 1st grand pass and induction into the 500 point club!
Ash Ihrke for his 1st grand pass!
Barkley Craig for his 2nd grand pass, title, and induction into the 500 point club!
Mak Benson for his 2nd grand pass, title, and induction into the 500 point club!

See the full results on the HRC site


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