Dan Ihrke

Raised by a veterinarian in a hunting family with multiple hunting dogs, Dan’s exposure to animal science started early. He has been training flushing, retrieving, and pointing dogs at Green Acres Sportsman’s Club for 23 years, and has trained and bred many field and hunt test champions of multiple breeds.

Dan takes on the challenge of training any breed of hunting dog, and many non-hunting domestic breeds. Dan is a master in reading each dog as an individual and recognizing his or her strengths and weaknesses. He quickly and efficiently brings each dog to their maximum potential. Dan has had an accomplished UKC hunt test career with his title record below:

  • 14 Grand Champions (45 Grand Passes)
  • 118 – Seasoned (HR)
  • 74 – Finished (HRCH)
  • 43 – Upland (UH)



Tyler Brenner

Beginning in 2016, Tyler took the position of game keeper. His journey of caring for Mallards and upland game inevitably led to retrievers.   He has excelled through his apprenticeship with Dan since 2019 and has become a natural in teaching basic and advanced techniques. 

In his off time, Tyler, is an avid waterfowl hunter and enjoys training his lab, Widow, to run in HRC hunt tests.

John Good

Being a lifelong upland hunter and lover of Setters, a life of dog training was a call of passion for John. His gentle hand, understanding nature and pursuit of perfection make him an invaluable asset to the team as the Gun Dog Success pointing dog specialist.   

His off time is spent upland hunting with his team of English Setters that he adopted through rescues before giving them their best life by training them to upland hunt.


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